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Hoopla is not a sport.

This is the year of READ. I’ve known since January that books would be a major part of this year’s landscape. But quickly after finishing 3 physical books in February, I entered a different stage of development with my baby and found that I no longer had the luxury of holding her and a book […]

Boundaries with Kids :: A Brief Book Review

Very few rules with very great follow-through. That was my parenting motto before reading Boundaries with Kids by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. I felt like a pretty good parent with the exception of the occasional hormonal outburst when I felt like my brain and my mouth weren’t connecting very well. I wasn’t […]

Year Round School Schedule (A Step By Step Guide)

Raise your hand if you’ve been the mom who took a break from routine only to have to enter the war zone of re-establishing expectations with your kids. You want to enjoy a summer break just like your public schooled friends, but by mid-June there are already signs that this whole “break” idea is ruining […]

A “Busy” Mom’s Guide to Weekly Homeschool Planning

Let me tell you about my “busy.” It’s 11am. And even though I’ve been up since 7am, I haven’t eaten yet. I haven’t started teaching the lessons for today yet either. I know I need to start preparing lunch instead of lessons at this point, because if I don’t eat-something-now I may just collapse. I […]