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Facebook App and My Brain

I’ve been severely ill. The kind of sick that has hijacked my entire life, week, etc. I’ve found myself napping, resting, and otherwise counting the days in number of hours until my next dose of medicine. My thought life has been my real life. My prayer life has been exposed. And I have a love hate […]

Present Over Perfect :: The Year of Read

I’ve read everything by Shauna Niequist except her devotional “Savor,” and only because I’ve been busy doing other Bible studies. I learned long ago that while I would enjoy doing multiple studies at once, it simply just isn’t possible to dedicate the amount of devotion necessary to more than one. The desire to study, learn, […]

My Experience with THM

I had this post written 3 weeks ago…but I’ve been scared to share it. I know a lot of people have been watching my Instagram account with expectation – curious to know more about Trim Healthy Mama. And I realized that there might be some who would skip reading the books for themselves and just […]

Extras to Earn, Not Expectations to Receive :: A Week of Boundaries

I read Boundaries with Kids in February (which feels like so long ago!). While I felt like I understood the concepts, I floundered on the follow-through. I could see the issues described in the book being played out in my home, and like the true brainiac that I am – I just watched and I […]